7 years ago
Further tagging suggestions
I spent a significant amount of my day uploading a ton of stuff from my personal collection of screenshots. Since this booru is very new, I end up creating new tags, and I most likely will have the power to create new ones for better organization.

Here's what I think about the tags we should use. Of course, I'm not the one in charge but these are ideas I'm merely pitching, but I made use of some of these tags myself.

Background : I made this mean 'This is something I would reference if I need to reference background elements.' It does not mean 'this is a background by itself with nopony on it'. As an artist/critic, I've come to use this term to refer to whatever is not the subject of a given piece, so I hope that alludes to why I chose this tag name.

Also, because a given location tend to heavily influence the interior design style, I think it's a good practice to tag background images by their location.

Background_Only : for screenshots that have absolutely no characters in it.

Interior : for screencaps that takes place inside
Exterior : for screencaps that takes place outside
Neither of the above tags should be used for something which is kind of difficult to reference anything background-related, I think

Building : for screencaps which you can reference some architectural design. Only applicable if we're looking at the exterior of a building
Nature : for screencaps which you can reference some foliage from, but they cannot be potted.

Group : for screencaps with multiple characters; at least two I can be certain at some point we're going to want to make a distinction as tags can start being ineffective if it includes every common perspective. Groups can also create poses that heavily requires multiple characters to create an acceptably complete composition; some poses will not stand very well on their own as art.

Single : for screencaps with only one character in it.

If we're also tagging by gender, what about tagging by body types? Though one could just look up a specific character instead, I can see that it still provides a bit of convenience for people who'll search this way.

Probably more tags that I haven't bothered to update on all 300-something-or-so pics, and probably more tags I missed on some. Will probably figure more suggestions as time passes.

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