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How to Tag
This is a list of suggestions for tags to add to posts in order to make them as useful as possible for everyone.

See forum #0002 for general post guidelines.

Don't tag ponies who you can only see a small part of.

Tag character's names. Tag their full names (Twilight_Sparkle, not just Twilight). Use official names if they exist (Minuette, not Colgate).

See the list of ponies if you're unsure of a name: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Ponies

Tag the angle you see the pony from. Profile (from the side), 3/4, top, back, 3/4 back, or front.

Tag actions (this is important!) such as walking, sitting, singing, or flying. Always use the 'ing' form of the word for actions.

Tag special expressions such as surprised, excited, or afraid.

Tag species such as unicorn, dragon, or pegasus.

Tag gender/age. Mare, stallion, colt, or filly. (Colt is a young male, and filly is a young female.)

Tag prominent items and clothing, like a hat, dress, cupcake, or book. Item tags should be singular. (Unless an item is usually referred to in the plural such as 'fireworks' or 'pants'.)

Tag interesting locations such as Cloudsdale and Canterlot, especially if you can see a lot of the background.

Tag special events such as the Grand Galloping Gala or Winter Wrap up.

If you know the episode a screenshot comes from, tag it 's##e##'. For example, 'The Ticket Master', season 1 episode 3, would be 's01e03'. If you don't know the episode, tag 'episode_needed'. You can find a list of episodes and their numbers here: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Episodes

Only use the 'cutie mark' tag if you can see the cutie mark of a pony very clearly, like Rarity here: post #0064.

Avoid saying the same thing twice, such as back and behind or walking and trotting. When in doubt, look at the other tags to see if one is already more common than the other.

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